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Michael Chabon will be in conversation with author Kathleen Rooney on Friday, September 29th, 7pm, at the Nettlehorse School Auditorium, where he will be discussing his latest novel, Moonglow. Tickets include a copy of the paperback edition of the book, which comes out Tuesday, September 19th! To purchase a ticket and get more details, visit the Eventbrite page!


We're so excited to be soon debuting our new bookmark! With artwork of the storefront by the amazing Landis Blair! We're hosting the book launch for his upcoming book, THE HUNTING ACCIDENT. Read more about the event here!


What is a Small Press?

Small presses (as distinct from their larger counterparts like Penguin Random House, HarperCollins, Hachette, MacMillan, and Simon and Schuster) are publishers with annual sales below a certain level. Since the profit margins for small presses can be narrow, many are driven by other motives, including the desire to help disseminate literature with only a small likely market. Small presses fill niches that larger publishers neglect, often focusing on marginalized voices, poetry, and literature in translation. In this way, small presses play a vital role in keeping the American publishing industry diverse and vibrant.

We've collected a smattering of recent titles from a handful of our favorite indie presses. Some are well established, others are fledgling houses in the process of establishing their identities. All are dedicated to raising awareness of authors whose voices might otherwise go unheard, which is why...


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