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I absolutely love this charming and heartfelt collection of interlinked stories by Jaime Cortez. Set in 1970s California at a migrant workers’ camp, the reader follows Gordo, a young, Mexican American boy coming of age. Cortez’ talent lies in using Gordo’s innocence and misfit antics to deal insightfully and sensitively with complex issues (homophobia, bullying, classism, xenophobia), while still keeping things entertaining. It’s a tricky tightrope walk between comedy and tragedy, joy and heartbreak, and Cortez navigates this beautifully. There is just so much life, compassion, vulnerability, and emotional honesty bursting from every page of this incredible collection.

— Shane


Shedding profound natural light on the inner lives of migrant workers, Jaime Cortez's debut collection ushers in a new era of American literature that gives voice to a marginalized generation of migrant workers in the West.

The first-ever collection of short stories by Jaime Cortez, Gordo is set in a migrant workers camp near Watsonville, California in the 1970s. A young, probably gay, boy named Gordo puts on a wrestler's mask and throws fists with a boy in the neighborhood, fighting his own tears as he tries to grow into the idea of manhood so imposed on him by his father. As he comes of age, Gordo learns about sex, watches his father's drunken fights, and discovers even his own documented Mexican-American parents are wary of illegal migrants. Fat Cookie, high schooler and resident artist, uses tiny library pencils to draw huge murals of graffiti flowers along the camp's blank walls, the words "CHICANO POWER" boldly lettered across, until she runs away from home one day with her mother's boyfriend, Manny, and steals her mother's Panasonic radio for a final dance competition among the camp kids before she disappears. And then there are Los Tigres, the perfect pair of twins so dark they look like indios, Pepito and Manuel, who show up at Gyrich Farms every season without fail. Los Tigres, champion drinkers, end up assaulting each other in a drunken brawl, until one of them is rushed to the emergency room still slumped in an upholstered chair tied to the back of a pick-up truck.

These scenes from Steinbeck Country seen so intimately from within are full of humor, family drama, and a sweet frankness about serious matters - who belongs to America and how are they treated? How does one learn decency, when laborers, grown adults, must fear for their lives and livelihoods as they try to do everything to bring home a paycheck? Written with balance and poise, Cortez braids together elegant and inviting stories about life on a California camp, in essence redefining what all-American means.

About the Author

JAIME CORTEZ is a graphic novelist, visual artist, writer, teacher, and occasional performer. Cortez has historically used art and humor to explore sexuality, social justice, HIV/AIDS, and Chicano identity.
Product Details
ISBN: 9780802158086
ISBN-10: 0802158080
Publisher: Grove Press, Black Cat
Publication Date: August 17th, 2021
Pages: 208
Language: English
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