Forest of Foes (The Bernicia Chronicles #9) (Hardcover)

Forest of Foes (The Bernicia Chronicles #9) By Matthew Harffy Cover Image
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In this action-packed new Bernicia Chronicles adventure from Matthew Harffy, Beobrand finds himself in a dangerous foreign land, caught between warring factions of royalty and the Church.
AD 652. Beobrand has been ordered to lead a group of pilgrims to the holy city of Rome. Chief among them is Wilfrid, a novice of the church with some surprisingly important connections. Taking only Cynan and some of his best men, Beobrand hopes to make the journey through Frankia quickly and return to Northumbria without delay, though the road is long and perilous.

But where Beobrand treads, menace is never far behind. The lands of the Merovingian kings are rife with intrigue. The queen of Frankia is unpopular and her ambitious schemes, though benevolent, have made her powerful enemies. Soon Wilfrid, and Beobrand, are caught up in sinister plots against the royal house.

After interrupting a brutal ambush in a forest, Beobrand and his trusted gesithas find their lives on the line. Dark forces will stop at nothing to seize control of the Frankish throne, and Beobrand is thrown into a deadly race for survival through foreign lands where he cannot be sure who is friend and who is foe.

The only certainty is that if he is to save his men, thwart the plots, and unmask his enemies, blood will flow.
Reviewers on Matthew Harffy:
'A brilliant characterization of a difficult hero in a dangerous time. Excellent!' Christian Cameron

'He is really proving himself the rightful heir to Gemmell's crown.' Jemahl Evans

'A genuinely superb novel.' Steven McKay

'Beobrand is the warrior to follow.' David Gilman

About the Author

Matthew Harffy grew up in Northumberland where the rugged terrain, ruined castles and rocky coastline had a huge impact on him. He now lives in Wiltshire, England, with his wife and their two daughters. Matthew is the author of the critically acclaimed Bernicia Chronicles and A Time for Swords series, and he also presents the popular podcast, Rock, Paper, Swords!, with fellow author Steven A. McKay.

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Praise For…


'Harffy's writing just gets better and better... He is really proving himself the rightful heir to Gemmell's crown' Jemahl Evans.

'Historical fiction doesn't get much better than this' Angus Donald.

'Matthew Harffy tells a great story' Joanna Hickson.

'Beobrand is the warrior to follow'” —David Gilman

Product Details
ISBN: 9781801102322
ISBN-10: 1801102325
Publisher: Head of Zeus -- an Aries Book
Publication Date: March 8th, 2023
Pages: 448
Language: English
Series: The Bernicia Chronicles