Meaning Less (Paperback)

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Languishing in a dystopian corporate hell-scape, Jeffrey Boggs struggles to find meaning in a world that’ s left him behind. His apartment is empty, his future is grim, and each day working in the terrible black tower of SALIGIA Inc. plays out like an ill-humoured assault on what scarce dignity remains to him.
As the brief summer begins to fade into a bitter Edmonton winter, Jeff is haunted by memories of better times long behind him. Desperate to find a purpose in life, he turns to his new co-worker, Janice, hoping to use what he’ s taken years to learn to help her cope with the degrading daily grind at SALIGIA.
Time and again however, Jeff fails to find what he needs. His colleagues compete for favor, his supervisors conspire to get him fired, and Jeff plots to find a way out on his own terms.
When a gathering snow storm promises to end the brief reprieve of summer, Jeff makes a final play for control in his life. But there’ s no secret meaning to life beyond living with meaning, and as he chases it in all the wrong places, each day begins to mean a little less…

About the Author

Brad Oates grew up in the small town of Mayerthorpe, Alberta, Canada. He developed a passion for literature at an early age. Many of his first memories involve being curled up on the couch with his parents and siblings as they read The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings. Now living in Edmonton, Alberta, with his dog, Bogney, and his partner, Janine, Brad enjoys spending his free time writing in the bars along Whyte Avenue… when it isn’t too cold, of course. Brad is also the author of Edgar’s Worst Sunday, and has contributed to three anthologies of short stories with the Edmonton Writer’s Group. On his blog, , he enjoys producing a wide range of content—including poetry, political commentary, philosophical reflections, and more. In general, he finds himself leaning towards a darkly comedic, literary approach, and often dwells on the themes of human virtue, and self-deception.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781990066207
ISBN-10: 1990066208
Publisher: Sands Press
Publication Date: March 28th, 2023
Pages: 124
Language: English