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Dr. King's Refrigerator - Sale!

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Dr. King's Refrigerator and Other Bedtime Stories (Paperback)
by Charles Johnson

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A sly, witty, and insightful collection of short stories from National Book Award-winning author, Charles Johnson.

Sages squabble, philosophers deliberate and kings dream in this collection of eight short stories by National Book Award–winner Johnson (Middle Passage, etc.). Like fairy tales for policy-minded grownups, the stories revolve around ethical and philosophical decision making.


About the Author

Charles Johnson is a novelist, essayist, literary scholar, philosopher, cartoonist, screenwriter, and professor emeritus at the University of Washington in Seattle. A MacArthur fellow, his fiction includes Night Hawks, Dr. King's Refrigerator, Dreamer, Faith and the Good Thing, and Middle Passage, for which he won the National Book Award. In 2002 he received the Arts and Letters Award in Literature from the American Academy of Arts and Letters. He lives in Seattle.


Price: $5.99
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