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Please note:  Due to limited capacity all in-store events are all on hold but check out our calendar for virtual events!

For a complete listing of our upcoming events, please see our event calendar!

Proposing an event? Please read carefully!

We love hosting authors in the shop, but because we work with a small, full-time staff and no dedicated events space we are only able to host a handful of in-store events a year. Our events coordinator considers event proposals on a case-by-case basis. To propose an event at the shop, please email him at

Event proposals should contain the following information:

  • Title of the book(s) and author(s) of the book(s)
  • Publication details: Publisher, ISBN, pub date
  • Possible dates for your event
  • Any local connections the author may have that may drive attendance/sales
  • Promotional tools the author or publisher plans to utilize for the event's publicity

Before proposing an event, we request that you look at our events calendar to ensure that your proposed date is not already booked. With rare exceptions, we do not typically host events Friday-Sunday. We do not host author appearances during the second half of November and the month of December. Events must be scheduled at least one month in advance.

A few other important notes about events at Unabridged:

  • We do not host in-store events with children's, middle grade, or YA authors.
  • We do not sell books on consignment, so if your book is self-published this will probably not be the venue for you.
  • In order for Unabridged to host an author event, the author's book must be distributed through Ingram or Small Press Distribution.
  • We must be able to return unsold books to your publisher or wholesaler. If your book is non-returnable, Unabridged will not be a good fit for your event.
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