For a complete listing of our upcoming events, please see our event calendar!


Proposing An Event? Please Read!

While we do love throwing events in-store and think that it’s important to foster a strong literary community, we are limited by our space and our small staff. With that in mind, we only host a few events in-store during the year. If you’re looking for a space for your literary event, please email

In the email, let us know:

The name of the book or books and author(s) of the book(s).

What dates you would like us to consider for your event.

The Events Calendar lists scheduled events. Please suggest a free date Monday-Thursday, as Friday-Sunday is too busy for in-store events. As the holiday season begins in November, we’ll stop doing events until the new year. Events must be planned at least one month in advance.

Keep in mind:

We don’t do consignment, so if your book is self-published this will probably not be the venue for you. Small press books can also be difficult for us to obtain, unless the press has distribution through Ingram or Small Press Distribution. If your books are non-returnable, we won't be able to do the event either, unfortunately.

Thanks and take care!

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