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Book of the Week!

The Magician
by Colm Tóibín

It’s hard not to talk about Colm Tóibín’s latest novel, The Magician, in the loftiest of terms, as something staggering, or dazzling, or an achievement. Yet given the epic sweep of the book—which at once offers a haunting and heartrendingly intimate portrait of its protagonist, the German writer Thomas Mann, and a richly drawn sense of place as it travels through a politically turbulent early-20th-century Europe to America and back again—these accolades feel deserving... If you’re willing to give yourself over to the vast and stunningly realized world that Tóibín conjures around Mann, you’ll find yourself savoring every page. -Liam Hess, Vogue

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YA Book of the Week!

We Are Not Broken
by George M. Johnson

George M. Johnson has done it again — they have written a beautiful book that will take up a honey-sweet and sun-warmed residence in my soul for a long time to come. We Are Not Broken is a gorgeous love letter to Black matriarchs who give everything to love, care for and protect their children. It’s about the importance of family and the unbreakable bonds that supersede blood and last far longer than a lifetime. While society constantly villfies Black boys before they can even reach puberty, We Are Not Broken shares stories about how love, care and the freedom to be soft and vulnerable can be not only healing, but life-changing. -Aiden Thomas, author of Cemetery Boys

Book of the Month!

Harlem Shuffle
by Colson Whitehead

Whitehead adds another genre to an ever-diversifying portfolio with his first crime novel, and it’s a corker.
- Bill Ott, Booklist

Available September 14th, 2021!

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Reading is Resistance!

Presumed Guilty
by Erwin Chemerinsky

On Freedom
by Maggie Nelson

by Tarana Burke

Available September 14th!

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