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Harsh Times
by Mario Vargas Llosa,
translated by Adrian Nathan West

From Paul Revere's ride to the storming of the Bastille to last year's Black Lives Matter protests, the spirit of revolution has stirred the hearts of those yearning for justice--and yet freedom never comes for free, as the Nobel laureate wrenchingly observes in his intricately plotted new novel . . . Harsh Times explores evergreen themes-skirmishes between the powerful and powerless, how war erodes our humanity--with gallows humor. -Hamilton Cain

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Book of the Month!

The Sentence
by Louise Erdrich

Erdrich's fictional worlds bristle with the awareness that we are all ghosts-in-waiting and that the written word is a way to communicate with people both long dead and not yet born. This is how Erdrich can write a haunting story without invoking even the slightest hint of the gothic; how she blends contemporary politics with myth without breaking a stride.
-Jo Livingstone, The New Republic

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