Chicago Books to Women in Prison

Providing free books to women in prison nationwide since 2002

Chicago Books to Women in Prison (CBWP) is an all-volunteer nonprofit organization that provides free books to incarcerated women and trans people in state and federal prisons across the United States. On average, around 3,000 packages are sent per year, pulled from a collection that averages around 10,000 donated books.

Chicago Books to Women in Prison sends free books to women incarcerated all over the country. Because of the obstacles LGBTQ people face in our country, they are disproportionately represented in prison. CBWP struggles to keep enough LGBTQ titles on their shelves to match the amount of requests they get. Books purchased from the wishlist will be picked up by a CBWP volunteer and taken to their bookroom in Ravenswood, no shipping fees or wasteful packaging.

Chicago Books to Women in Prison is a 501c3 non profit organization. Your donation is tax deductible. Leave a comment with your order and we will share your name and email address with CBWP to get a tax deductible receipt.

We're excited to partner with CBWP, and hope that you will consider donating as well! Please consider the recommended titles listed below, or you can choose to donate a Gift Card and let CBWP volunteers choose from their list of requested books! For questions, click here to email us!